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Join Dr. Ran Anbar 

for inspiring discussions regarding how engagement of your inner mind through use of hypnosis and direct interactions with your subconscious can empower your health, mental abilities, athletic achievement, and spirituality. Every show we will give you tips you can use on your own to improve your life.

Dr. Ran D. Anbar is a pediatric pulmonologist and founder of Center Point Medicine, a practice devoted to pediatric hypnosis and counseling

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                                                              02/22/2023 (Pending) Gavin - Patient Interview - Anxiety and OCD

                                                              02/15/2023 (Pending) Dr. Danielle Aretz - A Pediatrician's Story 

                                                              02/08/2023 (Pending) Matthew - Patient Interview - Poker and Hypnosis

                                                              02/01/2023 (Pending) Dr. Gary Elkins - Recent Hypnosis Research

                                                              01/25/2023  Drew - Patient Interview - Sports Performance

                                                             01/18/2023 Dr. Joshua Anbar - Hypnosis and Public Health

                                                             01/11/2023  Mitchell - Patient Interview - Anxiety

                                                              01/04/2023 Emily Francis - Massage Therapy and Hypnosis

                                                              12/28/2022 Lorna McKenzie-Pollock - Hypnosis and Anthropology

                                                              12/21/2022  Johnny Cresto - Mindfulness and Baseball

                                                              12/14/2022  Hayden Wall - Hypnosis and Acting

                                                              12/07/2022 Dr. Dana Lebo - Hypnosis Idea Exchange

                                                              11/30/2022  Dr. Daniel Kohen - Hypnosis with Children

                                                              11/23/2022  Dr. David Wark - 49 Words

                                                              11/16/2022  Jana Murphy - Writing about Hypnosis

                                                              11/09/2022  Anita Jung - Creating Impact by Using Creativity

                                                              11/02/2022  Hayden Wall - Spirituality and Hypnosis

10/26/2022  Dr. Nadia Sarwar - A Pediatrician's Introduction to Hypnosis

10/19/2022   David - Patient Interview - Hypnosis for Academic Work

10/12/2022   Hayden Wall - How to Align with Your Core

10/05/2022   Dr. Julie Linden - Teaching Hypnosis

09/28/2022  Dr. Roberta Temes - Nontraditional Psychotherapy

09/21/2022   Dr. Eric Spiegel - Attachment & Hypnosis 

09/14/2022   Mackenzie - Patient Interview - Narcolepsy

09/07/2022   Connor - Patient Interview - Irritable Bowl Syndrome

08/31/2022   Christopher - Patient Interview - Stuttering

08/24/2022  Roman - Patient Interview - Creating Reality

08/17/2022   Dr. Christine Sullivan - Using Metaphors for Life

08/10/2022   Pilar - Resolving Shortness of Breath with Relaxation 

08/03/2022   Noah - Patient Interview - Poor Sleep  

07/27/2022    Dr. Joseph Zastrow - Hypnosis in Family Practice

07/20/2022   Dr. Cory Hammond - Observations from a Master Clinician

07/13/2022    Pierce - Patient interview - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

07/06/2022   Dr. Rebecca Cherry - Hypnosis for Patients with GI Problems

06/29/2022   Dr. Linda Thomson - Using Metaphors through Story Telling

06/22/2022   Dr. Lewis Kass - Helping Patients with Sleep Problems

06/15/2022    Treating Anxiety: An Interview with A Patient

06/08/2022    Becoming Involved with Hypnosis


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